Three Reasons to Hire Professional Painters and Decorators

There are plenty of reasons why people may want to redecorate one or more rooms in their home. Perhaps you are fed up of the existing décor, or it’s looking tired and worse for wear. Maybe you want to update the look to something more fashionable. You could be preparing your home for a special event, such as a wedding reception, or for having guests to stay. You may even be putting your house on the market and are looking at making it more appealing to buyers.

Whatever the reason you’re looking to redecorate, there are equally good reasons for hiring professional, local painters and decorators to do the job. Here we look at three of the top ones.

Professional Painters and Decorators Brighton

1.  A Professional Painter and Decorator Saves Time

Unless you’re a dab hand at DIY, you will find that painting and decorating companies can carry out the complete redecoration of a room in a lot less time than you would be able to, even if you were able to dedicate yourself to it full time. And if you’re still working and managing day to day family life at the same time as decorating, then the project is likely to span several weekends or many evenings. The longer the job takes you to do, the more disruptive it will be to daily life. Hiring professional painter and decorators will have the job done efficiently and in no time.

2.  Painting and Decorating Companies Can Save You Money

That may sound counter-intuitive. After all, you’ll pay for a local decorators’ service, whereas if you did it yourself, the labour would be for free. But it’s worth considering that your time is money too – if you have to take time off work for decorating, you’re using valuable vacation time, or even wages. Then, there’s the fact that a skilled painter and decorator will do a quality job that will last. Firstly, they’ll ensure all surfaces are professionally prepared so paint won’t start peeling or plaster cracking in the near future. Then, they can provide paint bought at trade prices (and of trade quality, meaning it lasts longer than paint bought in your local DIY store), so you’ll get a better finish for less money. Lastly, choose the right local decorators and there is less chance of them making costly mistakes that need to be rectified – this can add considerably to your budget if you’re an inexperienced DIYer.

3.  A Recommended Local Painter and Decorator Can Save You Hassle

Decorating can be highly stressful if you don’t 100% know what you’re doing. Choosing the right type and colour of paint, preparing surfaces so they’re smooth and paint adheres properly, filling in holes from nails and hooks, masking windows so paint doesn’t splash on the glass, taking down and replacing lighting fixtures and so on… all this makes decorating hard work and unappealing, especially if you’re trying to fit it round a full time job. Hiring the professionals removes the stress.

At North Laine Decorating, we’re a firm local to Brighton that offers domestic and commercial decorators’ services, as well as all manner of property maintenance. Call today if you’d like a free quote for decorating your property, so you can balance our cost against the time and trouble of doing it yourself! You’ll find our prices competitive.

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