Painters and Decorators Can Breathe a New Lease of Life Into Your Office Space

When you hire a painter and decorator to revamp your offices, you’re doing so much more than just freshening up the paintwork. There are countless reasons why redecoration of a workspace can add value to your business – here are just three, along with some advice on what colours to choose.

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Boosting Productivity

It is a well-rehearsed fact that we spend up to a third of our lives at work, which for some people is a depressing enough fact, without that time being spent in an unattractive, dingy and unwelcoming place. We can’t change the fact that work has to be done, but good commercial decorators can at least make that office space an attractive and welcoming place to be! Plus, research has shown that having pleasant surroundings can lift office workers’ moods, reduce absenteeism and increase productivity. So the cost of that workplace makeover may well pay dividends.

Promoting Positive Perceptions

As well as making a good impression on staff, which can help to boost retention figures, having frequent property maintenance, painting and decorating can improve the impression your office presents to the outside world. When visitors, potential clients and future staff members arrive, they’ll have a far more positive vibe from your company if your office is smartly painted and clean-looking than if it’s all peeling paint, dirt and grime. Painting and decorating companies can give any office space a relatively quick lift with a lick of paint and interior decoration.

Better Branding

To go one stage further, if you’re trying to build your brand and promote your company’s image to the outside world, a local painter and decorator can assist. Taking into account your company logo and corporate literature, good decorating companies can design a refurbishment that incorporates colours and styles that are consistent with your brand. They will also make sure the environment echoes and reflects the type of business you are. And that brings us onto colour use.

Colour Beautiful

Research has shown that we are more aware of colours and their meanings than you might think! It’s important that you take into account what connotations different colours have before incorporating them into any office design. For instance, blue is thought to be a calm colour that promotes serenity and instils trust. In closed office environments, it can help workers remain focused on the tasks in hand; in open offices where visitors may be present, it can indicate security, confidence and wisdom, so it can be a good colour for financial advisors, accountancy firms and law firms, for instance.

Green is also calming. Lighter shades evoke nature and the environment, and may be good for businesses that work in this area. Darker shades suggest growth and money, and are often used by companies that want to give an impression of prestige and wealth.

Yellow is a vibrant colour that is bursting with energy, and works well in innovative or creative spaces. However, it should be used in moderation as it can also cause anxiety in some people. Red is also one to be wary of if you’re trying to portray a professional image and promote trust – it’s too vibrant – but it’s excellent for environments such as a gym, where high energy is positively desirable!

If you’re looking for professional painters and decorators in Brighton to advise on colour schemes for your office, or to carry out a makeover of your workspace, call North Laine Decorating today. We’re local decorators you can trust.

Painters and Decorators in Brighton

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